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Capítols de llibre


Pifarré, M., Argelagós, E., Guijosa, A. (2010).
In Daniel S. Beckett (Ed.). Secondary Education in the 21st Century. NY: Nova Publishers.
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23. NOVAPUBLISHER 2010.jpg

Pifarré, M. (2010)
In B. A. Morris & G. M. Ferguson. Computer-Assisted Teaching: New Developments. NY: Nova Publishers.

Draft Version

9. SPRINGER2008.jpg

Pifarré, M. & Argelagós, E. (2008)
In J. Zumbach, N. Schwartz, T. Seufert & L. Kester. Beyond knowledge: the legacy of competence. Meaningful Computer-Based Learning Environments (pp. 153-162). United Kingdom: Springer.

Draft version

13. SENSE PUBLISHER 2006.jpg

Pifarré, M., Gòdia, S. & Martorell, I. (2006)
In G. Clarebout & J. Elen (Eds). Avoiding simplicity, confronting complexity. Advances in studying and designing (computer-based) powerful learning environments (pp. 243-254). SensePublishers. Rotterdam (Neederlands).

17. SPRINGER2005.jpg

Cobos, R. & Pifarré, M. (2005)
En R.Navarro y J. Lorés. HCI related papers of interaction 2004. Selection of best papers. London: Kluwer Academic Publishers (Springer).