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The Group

COnTIC (Context and Cognition mediated by Information and communication technologies) is a consolidated research group, recognized by Generalitat de Catalunya, led by the University of Lleida and assigned to the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology of this university. COnTIC has an interdisciplinary character and joins professionals of different scopes related to Psychology, Didactics and Computer Science.

Information and Communication Technologies are powerful tools with important educational possibilities in education, but also increasing possibilities in working sphere and social participation.

The main purpose of our research group is focused on studying how to help future citizens to reach new cognitive exigencies and digital competences demanded by these technologies in order to achieve their insertion and success in the scholar, social and professional world.

In order to achieve this goal, the members of the group are involved in research and innovative teaching projects. Specifically, the general objectives of the group are the next three:

  • To study the incidence of ICT as mediating tools of learning and development of singular cognitive and social interaction processes.
  • To know which digital competences are needed to be developed by students and citizens in order to use ICT as a learning tool.
  • To design, elaborate and apply educative materials that enhance the development of thinking processes and digital competences.